Garage services in Carmarthen and Cross Hands Wales
Our experts will help you keep your car in top condition.

Give your car the care it deserves
Whether your car has suddenly broken down or it's time for its routine service, we'll fix it using the latest equipment and methods. At Cymru Tyres, our experienced team can provide garage services for any make or model of car. From wheel balancing to suspension repairs, we do it all. Our services cover:

    Wheel alignment and balancing
    Battery repairs and replacements
    Complete brake services
    ABS and exhaust systems
    Air conditioning
    Clutch repairs
    Shocks and struts
    Suspension and steering repairs
    Transmission and electrical systems

Car servicing in Carmarthen
Ensure your car delivers top performance with services from Cymru Tyres.

Comprehensive services at affordable prices
If you want to extend the life of your car, improve its mileage and keep repair bills to a minimum, regular servicing is a must. It is recommended that you service your vehicle every 12 months or 12,000 miles. If it's time to service your car, bring it to Cymru Tyres in Carmarthen. Highlights of our service include:

    We'll keep you informed every step of the way
    We'll discuss costs with you at each stage
    We'll cover replacement of all service items (spark plugs, oil, air, fuel, and pollen filters)

Highly affordable services
At Cymru Tyres, we are passionate about cars so you can be sure that you will get an excellent quality service. Our service complies with the manufacturer's warranty without the associated main dealer cost.

Experts in vehicle maintenance
In addition to car servicing, we offer part worn and new tyres from top brands. We also provide garage services at a reasonable prices. Visit us or get in touch with our experts for a consultation.

"Got a puncture due to a tyre chewing canine. Went down to Cymru tyres. Great service, no hanging around and had a Michelin at a great price with loads of tread! Would definitely recommend this place for part worn tyres."



Wheel alignment and balancing specialists in Carmarthen
Enhance the lifespan of your tyres with help from the experts at Cymru Tyres.

Precision balancing assured
If your tyres are wearing abnormally or if your steering wheel doesn't return easily after a turn, chances are that your tyres are not balanced. Misaligned tyres can reduce your vehicle's performance and add to your fuel bills. Prevent this problem with wheel alignment services from Cymru Tyres. Our team of experienced mechanics will make sure your vehicle delivers top performance. The benefits of wheel an alignment service include:

    Adds to your tyres' lifespan
    Your vehicle will perform better on the road
    There will be reduced tyre rolling resistance

A wheel balancing service will help you keep vibration to a minimum and enable you to enjoy a smooth ride by reducing the premature wear due to a wheel misalignment. With a wheel balancing service from Cymru Tyres, you will get better wear and a smoother ride from your tyres. If you find the below signs in your tyre, your wheel might be unbalanced:

    Steering wheels start to shake above a certain speed
    An uncomfortable vibration when you approach a certain speed

If you notice the above signs, come to us. We will balance your car's wheels using the latest wheel balancing machine. Our charges for wheel balancing are just £5.00 per wheel.

Quick and comprehensive checks
To ensure you are getting top performance from your tyres, call or visit us. We will check your car's wheels for free and provide wheel alignment services at just £20.00

Your vehicle is in good hands
As well as wheel alignment and balancing, we provide a range of garage services. Having been in the industry for years, we can resolve the most complex problems with ease.


Brake and clutch repair specialists in Carmarthen
Stay safe on the road with a perfectly functioning vehicle.

Do not ignore the warning signs
If your car's braking system has been performing less than optimally, do not wait. Bring your car to Cymru Tyres in Carmarthen. Our experts will take a look at your vehicle and perform the necessary repairs and replacements. We can also measure the moisture content of the brake fluid in your hydraulic braking system to ensure it is ideal. If your brakes are showing the following signs, come to us for a free brake check:

    Shaking steering wheel when braking
    Brake fluid spray visible on the outside of the wheels
    Declining brake performance
    Unpleasant smell when braking
    Car pulls to one side when braking

If you hear a crunching sound while changing gears or if your car seems to have less power when you ride uphill, the reason could be a clutch damage. If it is damaged, it will only get worse and could increase your repair bill. So it is important you get your car to us at the first sign of a problem. We will take a look at your vehicle, discuss your requirements and fix your vehicle quickly. We can repair:

     Fly wheels
     Master cylinders
     Slave cylinders
     Clutch assembly and linkages

Since the clutch system in modern vehicles contains clutch kits, concentric slave cylinders and dual mass-fly-wheels, we suggest replacing these inter-linked parts at the time of repair to prevent any future clutch problems. Visit us to explore your options.

Let us take care of your car
With our inspections, repairs and replacements, we will gear your vehicle for top performance. We offer comprehensive garage services so you stand to benefit from our expertise.

Convenient and quick
At Cymru Tyres, we also provide car servicing to keep your car in good working order. With our pick-up and drop service, we will help you save valuable time.


Car battery and exhausts repairs by experts in Carmarthen
Say goodbye to niggling problems in your car with quick repairs from Cymru Tyres.

Experts in car battery and exhaust repairs
Do you want your car's battery to be replaced? Visit us. At Cymru Tyres, we offer a wide of range of batteries at affordable prices and fit our batteries at no extra costs. All our batteries come with a 1 to 3 year guarantee so you know you are making the right choice. If you notice the below signs, your battery may need to be replaced:

    Rapid clicking noises when you turn the ignition key
    Engine starts slowly post ignition

The exhaust system of your car is responsible for controlling noise, directing fumes, improving engine performance and fuel consumption. If you suspect that your exhaust system is malfunctioning, come to us.

    Our exhaust systems are highly affordable
    They are covered by a 2-year guarantee

Quick and responsive team
We hold a large stock of batteries and exhausts and this means that we are likely to have the battery you need ready to install. You will get a quick service when you come to us.

Wide range of services
In addition to car batteries and exhausts, we offer part worn and new tyres as well as a range of garage services. Moreover, if your car is due for a routine service, we have you covered.


Suspension and steering repairs in Carmarthen
Come to us for quick repairs at affordable prices.

Suspension and steering experts
As well as keeping your tyres firmly connected to the road, a suspension system assists you with braking and road handling. This system absorbs impact and enables you to enjoy a smooth ride. Even though your suspension system tends to wear out with time, it can be hard to detect the problem until the performance of your tyre or braking system declines. You need to watch out for the below signs:

    Low brake efficiency
    Reduced road holding
    Increased wear on tyres
    Driver discomfort

A steering problem on the other hand can be easy to find. If you find that you are unable to handle your car or hear knocking noises, your system may be to blame. Other signs you may notice include:

    Steering vibration while accelerating
    Noises while you manoeuvre bumps or potholes
    Screeching noise while you park or slow down
    Steering difficulties

In case you are facing problems in your suspension or steering, we can help. With years of experience in car servicing, we are well-placed to fix cars of any make or model.

Act quickly to save money
If you suspect there is a problem with your suspension or steering, don't delay the repair. To avoid escalating the repair costs, bring your vehicle to the experts at Cymru Tyres as soon as possible.

Experienced team on your hand
Whatever the problem with your car, bring it to us. We will check your vehicle and provide you with a quote before work starts. We provide a comprehensive range of garage services, and can offer advice on a wide range of problems.

"Great service, friendly staff, will definitely be going here for the foreseeable future"